To reinforce our commitment towards customer satisfaction, the company received ISO 9002 certificate from RWTüv accreditation on 19 Aug. 2001 as the first step towards Total Quality Management (TQM).


Benefiting the most advanced technology in the field of manufacturing variety of BOPP films, Metallized, Plate making, Printing, and Lamination, Poushineh Plastics Co. undertakes itself to render, on the highest rank, new quality patterns for Iran Packaging Industries.

We believe that on the course of maintaining and promoting this position and in order to have potential presence in the market, it is necessary to keep a powerful system in our company bearing a permanent improvement of work relations, beside provision high quality of products with least scraps, and efficient support and supply.



In this respect and for the first step we proceed to establish a Quality Management System on the basis of ISO 9002 (1994). Taking on a self-interest and firm belief toward establishing this System, I introduce my representative with full authority in the ground of Quality; meanwhile. I expect all the personnel to surrender extra effort and assistance with him. Evidently I consider supervision, supplying source, and required supporting as my sole duty and will evaluate the efficiency of the system in regular intervals.

Constant training of the whole employees at all the levels to acquire the latest and up-to-date scientific- experimental results is a Must. This is the most proficient tool towards Company Quality goals.

All the Ladies and Gentlemen are individually responsible for their job Quality; while managers bear the heaviest responsibility in relation to their own department. The Managing Director, himself, is also responsible for realization of Quality against the customers. Striving in this regard will be the source for evaluating personnel efficiency through the company.

"Hope this step would be the foundation of Quality culture and improve work relation in the company, continued by our all endeavors."

Mohsen Nadjafi
Managing Director

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